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Positive Workshops & Events

We truly believe that we can’t get through life alone. Whether in real life or virtually, connection is key. Knowing and believing this so strongly means that hosting Positive Workshops is a no-brainer for us. Coming together with like-minded people is a really motivating and valuable way to look at our self-care and mental wellbeing. It really does bring us joy!

Developed as a way to enhance and build our ever-growing Positive Planner Community, we have thoughtfully curated our Positive Workshops to share our passion for using creativity as a therapeutic tool to enhance emotional wellbeing and mental health. (Just take a look at our blog posts to see how convinced we are by this!) We’re also incredibly lucky to have a fabulous network of friends and collaborators who work with us on our workshops to bring you an eclectic mix of weird and wonderfulness!

Got a special occasion coming up? Planning a hen night for your bestie and want something a little more holistic? Do you want to throw a baby shower to remember? Well, a bespoke Positive Workshop could really be the answer to your prayers! So if you’re looking for a private party or group event, we can help!

Come and join us in our beautiful home base in the city of Bath or at a variety of venues across the UK.



Our Story

In May 2017 we crowdfunded to raise the capital to self publish our first edition of The Positive Planner, following the success of this we then pre sold to raise the funds needed to order our first batch to be printed, we where completely overwhelmed when just days later we had had a sell out. From this we realised that there was a demand for our product.


Photographed by Emma Croman
Our Mission

Our mission is to empower everyone to make their mental health a priority.

Photographed by Emma Croman
Meet the Creators

We are Ali and Finn, and together we are the positive planners.

Photographed by Emma Croman
Meet the Team

A team of amazingly talented individuals who wholeheartedly support our mission.

Photographed by Emma Croman
Our Ethos

Our commitment to the environment is at the forefront of the decisions we make.