Our Commitment

The Positive in The Positive Planner isn’t something we came up with by accident. It’s an ethos and commitment which runs deep in us and it’s more than just about a positive mindset. We look for positivity everywhere in life and that includes the world and environment we live in.

It’s therefore natural for us to want to make a continued commitment to the environment in every decision we make. We put this demand on all sides of the business – from our products to the partners we work with. 

First of all, it’s incredibly important to us that we use uncoated FSC paper in all our books. The WWF recognises FSC as the hallmark of responsible forest management as the timber is harvested in a responsible manner, ensuring the protection not just of the forests themselves, but also the wildlife and people who call them home. 

Secondly, whilst our packaging is very pretty, it is more importantly biodegradable and sourced in the UK. We chose our fulfilment partners UFS as they too have a strong commitment to practising environmentally conscious fulfilment solutions.

It makes us proud to know there’s a clear golden thread of sustainability from the production of our books through to their beautiful packing and posting!

Join the Positive Planner Community and you’ll know you’re spreading some positivity to the world around you!