Our Mission

We want everyone to make their mental health a priority in life!
And it’s our mission to give you the power to do this through everything we create. 

From our planners and journals to our artwork and workshops, everything we do is with you and your mental wellbeing in mind! We want you to have a toolbox at hand which brings joy into your every day, promotes daily positivity and encourages self-care and gratitude for a truly positive mindset.

Our Story

We’ve both struggled with our mental health and truly understand the debilitating effect this can have on life. But that’s really not the whole picture! There can be amazing, fantastic and beautiful times between the clouds and fog, too. Because of this, we wanted to create a tool that would help us make the most of these moments. The fact that we are both passionate stationery lovers meant our first product could only be one thing. The Positive Planner was born.

So in May 2017, we took the plunge. We nervously clicked ‘live’ on a crowdfunding campaign that would be the start of our Positive Planner journey. Hundreds of amazing people joined us by pledging in return for a copy of The Positive Planner. We worked tirelessly, juggling our roles as mothers and full-time business owners to collate and create content for The Positive Planner. In the end, it took us just 6 months to self-publish after clicking that ‘live’ button!

Since then our Positive Family has grown from strength to strength. We now have a total of 7 books: The Positive Planner, The Positive Bullet Diary, The Positive Wellness Journal, The Positive Doodle Diary, The Positive Student Planner, The Positive Free Writing Journal and The Positive Dotted Journal!

Mental health is something that touches each and every one of us in some way. And it’s because of this that we want The Positive Planner Community to become a symbol of solidarity and acceptance for what is still often viewed as a taboo subject. We hope you’ll feel the benefits of being part of the Positive Planner Community too.

Co-founders of The Positive Planner Ali + Finn smiling at the camera

The Positive Planner Values

The Positive Planner Logo

We fully commit to campaigning for better mental health and strive to normalise the common, often negative perceptions that surround it.

The Positive Planner Logo

Our Positive Planner Community is our number one priority. Their wellbeing, positivity and happiness are at the heart of every decision we make.

The Positive Planner Logo

We commit to bringing inclusivity and diversity into every aspect of what we do. Our world is a colourful one and we want The Positive Planner to truly reflect this.

The Positive Planner Logo

We pledge to be open and honest about our mental health journeys. It is our hope that others will find support and courage in this.

The Positive Planner Logo

We commit to offering an open and non-judgemental space for conversation. Where we can, we will offer appropriate advice or signposting to helpful tools and professional services.

The Positive Planner Logo

We are committed to the wellbeing of our employees on every level. This includes being proud to say we are one of over 4,700 businesses in the UK paying their staff a real Living Wage.

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