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Get the kids involved and express yourselves with this fun and funky dance routine to the song Express Yourself by Charles Wright. 

Actor, teacher and performer Emile Clarke will take you through all the steps you need for this fully accessible dance routine. It’s a fab way to start your day with a boost of positivity and energy!

It’s easy for children aged 5+ and can even be done sitting down.
You’ll find subtitles too if you need them.

Let our co-founder Finn guide you through a gentle Affirmation Meditation.

Set to soothing music, this 15-minute, guided meditation is like diving into a welcoming pool of positivity! Finn will help you reach a relaxed state where your subconscious mind can open and allow the positivity of the affirmations in.



See your moods and what influences them in pixels!

This worksheet guides you through a month of tracking both your moods and the habits that affect them. When you’ve finished, you’ll have some insight into what your triggers might be – both positive and negative – empowering you to engineer more moments of positivity into your life.




Our resource pack of 6 mindful activities for primary school age includes:

• My Positive Week for Kids
• Create a Mood Wheel activity
• Gratitude Jar
• Hand Breathing exercise
• Heart Jigsaw activity
• Mindful colouring

Our resource pack of 6 mindful activities for tweens and teens includes:

• My Positive Week
• Mirror Mirror self-reflection exercise
• The Power of Belly Breathing
• Create Your Own Mandala
• A journaling exercise
• Mindful colouring

Looking for some help to make your journaling routine stick? 
Our Journey into Journaling is a 2-week course designed to help you find your flow. It includes:

• An introduction with hints and tips on how to get started
• 14 daily prompts and questions 
• Space for your journal entries

A perfect morning ritual for the start of your day!

Get the kettle on, take a moment to centre yourself and create a beautiful ritual with My Positive Morning.

Quick and easy prompts for journaling, positive intentions and gratitudes help you set a positive mindset to take with you all through your day.

Your very own way to kick-start your day!

Breathe deeply, colour in the rainbows and create a Positive Plan for your day. There’s even space to work out what to do with your free time after all your hard work!

Check in with your carer and plan your day together!

Our ultimate weekly planner includes:

• A week-in-view spread
• A 7-day meal planner
• 7 daily planners including schedule breakdowns and to-do lists
• 5 mindful colourings pages to help you relax
• 2 mood-boosting exercises from the original Positive Planner

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