Our Inclusivity + Diversity Policy


We commit to bringing inclusivity and diversity into every aspect of what we do.
Our world is a colourful one and we want
The Positive Planner to truly reflect this.

The subject of diversity and inclusivity is hugely important to us and one that has been in our minds since before the summer of 2020 and Black Lives Matter. We chose it to be one of our core values. However, a value on its own is not enough, we must live and work this every day. 

In our wish to do this, we’ve created this Inclusivity and Diversity Policy to hold us accountable so that both you and we can see what we’re working towards. 


So what’s our standpoint?

The Positive Planner team as a whole abhors any kind of prejudice, discrimination and bigotry. This is the cornerstone of what we stand for. We want The Positive Planner brand to be one that EVERYONE can identify with, not just those who can identify with its two white, cis-gendered, female co-founders. 

We want The Positive Planner brand to be the very best it can be for its community. Mental health is an all-encompassing subject that doesn’t exclude anyone and it’s our deep wish that every member of our community feels heard, seen and represented. 


So where are we currently?

It’s all very well having an ideal standpoint when it comes to Inclusivity and Diversity, but we know and understand that there’s much more to it than just thinking this way. We have to act and live this in every part of our business, every day.

Assessing where we are as a business right now includes taking a look inwards at ourselves. We fully recognise our privilege and the fact that we are two white co-founders. This has meant that we have always been very conscious of how we present our brand - it’s been crucial to us from the very beginning that our community sees an inclusive and diverse representation.

In terms of our team, The  Positive Planner is small - we’re just 5 employees and a band of freelancers. Whilst we are immensely proud of the fact that we’re a team of women, we are aware and freely admit that team diversity is one area where we have work to do. In an ideal world with unlimited resources, we would have a bigger team with more employees so that we could address the imbalance in our workforce. However, this just isn’t possible at the moment but it will be at the forefront of our minds when new employment opportunities arise. 

Despite this, we have been able to take huge strides in addressing who we collaborate with and this is easy to see if you look at our Instagram page or check out our Guest Blogs. We’ve made a concerted effort to ensure we assess who we work with in terms of not only ethnicity but also gender, sexuality, physical ability and appearance. 


So what’s our commitment? 
  1. We commit to regularly reassessing and updating this policy so that it reflects the current situation. We want to ensure that we’re still working in the right direction.
  2. We commit to never stop listening and educating ourselves. We know it’s not the job of the marginalised to educate us. That’s on us. 
  3. We commit to using our voice to educate our community on the all-encompassing facets of mental health and the different ways it affects marginalised communities. 
  4. We commit to providing a platform for and championing people of all marginalised communities.
  5. We commit to working towards workplace diversity.


So this is our plan. We know we will sometimes get things wrong and we don’t have all the answers yet, but it is our deepest wish to get better. If you have any feedback, ideas or suggestions, we’re here to listen! Please get in touch and send us an email. We’re open to your thoughts.

Much love,
Ali + Finn xx


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