A Real Living Wage

A Living Wage Employer

We are so proud to say we’re an accredited Living Wage Employer! 

What does this mean at The Positive Planner? Well, we promise that every member of staff at The Positive Planner will earn a real Living Wage that is based on the actual cost of living. That is, what employees and their families really need to live. And to fully commit to this, we have joined nearly 4,700 employers in the UK who have volunteered to be accredited by the Living Wage Foundation

The real Living Wage is an independently calculated hourly rate of pay that is higher than the government’s minimum, or National Living Wage. 

Whether employed or freelance, we take every single member of our team’s wellbeing very seriously. In fact, this subject is so important to us that we’ve included it in Our Positive Planner Values! We are committed to empowering us all. And for us, that means not just in terms of self-care and mental wellbeing, but in every aspect of life.