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The Positive Planner for study - 5 ways it can help you

BY Ali + Finn
Co-founders of The Positive Planner Ali + Finn sitting on a sofa together

You know The Positive Planner can help bring more positivity and gratitude to life, but did you know it can also help you study? Read on to find out how.


Most of you recognise and know our Positive Planner well. It was our first book baby and in the nearly 4 years it's been on the shelves, our community has come to love and depend on its daily journaling pages, moments of gratitude and mindful and art therapy activities.

But did you know that it's a really valuable study companion? If you or a loved are about to start off on a new academic year at university or college, you'll be interested to hear that The Positive Planner is just the tool you need to gently help you reach your goals.



5 Ways The Positive Planner can help you study


1: It can help you prioritise your day


The Daily Pages in The Positive Planner are there to gently guide you through your day with intention. In fact, the pages actually ask you to set positive intentions for your day along with your top three to-do's each morning.

Taking time to consider the day ahead and the tasks you need to get done like this allows you to take a step back and see things in a more manageable setting.

This and the monthly diary spreads bring a clearer organisation to each day that helps relieve some of the overwhelm that can surround studying, leading to better productivity and results as well as a more positive experience all round.


2: It can help improve confidence


The Positive Planner helps us work on our confidence in a number of ways:

Daily Mantras support us in creating a gentle, positive self-talk, reminding us that we're doing OK. 

Evening Reflections at the end of the day ask us to choose 3 things that we did well. 

Activities such as the Mirror Mirror exercise ask us to reflect on the good in ourselves rather than the negative.


3: It can help us find a plan of action


Our brains get super busy with everything that comes with a life of study. Deadlines, appointments, schedules and of course a social life can all add to the mix of overwhelm. This is the time when we need tools to help us process what's going on and what we need to find a way forward.

We created the Braintangle for The Positive Planner after being inspired by an art therapy technique. It’s essentially a brain-dump to help untangle all your thoughts and feelings, leaving you with some clarity and more importantly a real plan of action on how to move forward. 


4: It can help us work out our triggers


The Daily Pages in The Positive Planner ask us to track our mood.

By doing this over a period of time, we're able to find insight into how our habits and behaviours affect our moods. Knowing what our triggers might be – and that's both positive and negative – empowers us to engineer more moments of positivity into our lives.

It also allows us to see where we might need to make changes when it comes to studying.


5: It can help us find moments of calm


We’ve included some gorgeous original illustrations and motivational quotes in The Positive Planner that you can use for some moments of mindful colouring.

Mindful activities like this really do allow us to process the many threads of life we have running at the same time.

Repetition is key to getting the mind to really unwind, leaving you fresh for when you open up that laptop again.


Bonus Tip: Self-Care always helps!


You already know how we feel about the importance of self-care!

Scheduling in even micro-moments really does have an impact on every area of our life, from our mental and physical health and wellbeing and our relationships with ourselves and others to academic performance and organisation.

The Positive Planner is the perfect way to help you schedule in this self-care. Go give it a go and see the change it can make to your life!


Want to try The Positive Planner for free?


If you'd like to try out The Positive Planner to find out how it could help you or a friend study, take a look at our exclusive online Resource Library. We've got a free Mini Edition waiting for you. Just click on the link here to enter.

Or if you're already convinced, you can purchase The Positive Planner in our online shop here.


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