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The Positive Doodle Diary


The Positive Doodle Diary is a daily gratitude journal for kids, designed to empower them with confidence through creativity.

We’ve made The Positive Doodle Diary all about encouraging creativity, self-expression and mindfulness through daily doodling and simple journaling. It’s packed full of different activities that will lead the little people in your life to explore themes of confidence, resilience, kindness and even self-care!

Depending on age, children can work with The Positive Doodle Diary either alone or together with an adult. We feel the journal is ideal for kids aged 5 to 10 years old.

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We created The Positive Doodle Diary to bring more colour, positivity and self-care into a child’s life and this positivity starts right from the first moment they set eyes on it. The Doodle has a brilliant yellow cover and is embossed all over with the colourful Doodle Weather Mood symbols.

You’ll find the Doodle is slightly bigger than our other books. This means there’s not only tonnes more room for doodling and journaling, but that it’s also easier for the little people in our lives to get hold of it.

As with all our Positive Family of books, the Doodle is hard-backed and comes with its own ribbon bookmark so the owner always knows exactly where to start each day.


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What you'll find inside our kids' journal

If you’d like to try journaling with the little people in your life, take a look at our exclusive online Resource Library? We’ve got free Mini Editions of The Positive Doodle Diary as well as The Positive Planner and The Positive Wellness Journal there.



We believe the key to The Positive Doodle Diary is for a child to explore and use it at their own pace. The Doodle is not homework and shouldn’t be about pressure.

The Doodle is designed as a diary to be used every day and in total there are pages for 45 days. However, we’ve left it all undated so a child can dip in and out as they wish – not every activity has to be done every day. The most important thing is that a child wants to do this, not has to.

We believe the Doodle is perfect for children between the ages of 5 and 10 years old. Older children can use the diary on their own if they want to, but younger ones will need guidance. We all learn through modelling behaviour and we’ve had wonderful feedback from parents and carers who have been working together with their children in family journaling sessions. Adults using one of The Positive Family – The Positive Planner, Positive Wellness Journal or Positive Bullet Diary – and children working on their Doodle. This all helps facilitate a conversation around looking after ourselves as a unit – something that really makes our hearts sing!


Do you know a little person who could do with some more positivity in their life? The Positive Doodle Diary makes the perfect gift for anyone who does and that could even include you – we know a fair few adults who have been eyeing the Doodle for themselves!

Need it sent direct? No problem! Just select the notecard option and insert your own personal message before adding it to your shopping bag. We’ll do the rest!

If you’re ordering more than one as a gift, just add them individually to your cart for separate messages. 

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