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A 12-month undated diary and journal that can be personalised by you, as well as being a place to organise your day-to-day life and document your appointments, occasions and commitments. The Positive Bullet Diary is an inspirational space to encourage productivity, positivity and creativity. Learn how to create calligraphy headings and design your very own beautiful spreads with our ‘how to do doodles’ page.

Each month has 5 weeks to accommodate for the longer months, each weekly layout encourages you to break down your to-do lists with clever keys and even space for emotional reflections so you can track your mood alongside your productivity.

The Positive Bullet Diary is a revolutionary pairing of the traditional 12-month diary and the organisational and creativity craze – bullet journaling. The 12 month undated diary and journal that can be personalised by you to organise your day-to-day life, document your appointments, occasions and commitments all in one place. The Positive Bullet Diary is an inspirational space to encourage productivity, positivity and creativity.

Who is The Bullet Diary for?

The Positive Bullet Diary is perfect for those who want:

  • to keep a day-to-day diary, be organised and feel in control
  • to be creative, doodle and practise their penmanship
  • to put pen to paper
  • to connect with their emotional wellbeing
  • to track habits and set goals
  • to compartmentalise lists and keep them in one place
  • to practise art therapy through the included colouring pages
  • to make time for personal development and self-care

How to use The Positive Bullet Diary

We encourage you to be as creative as possible with your Positive Bullet Diary by adding colour, using washi tape or your favourite pens. Create banners and practice your calligraphy to make your life in writing and sketching as vibrant as the way you live it! Set out time each week to care for your bullet journal. It shouldn’t cause you any anxiety, it should be a place of calm and tranquillity where you can embrace who you are and what you want to achieve, and unleash the creative AND productive side of you.

Gifting The Positive Bullet Diary?

The Positive Bullet Diary is the perfect gift for creatives who like to keep a day-to-day diary, be organised and feel in control. It is a beautiful space where the user can connect with their emotional well-being and make time for personal development and self-care.

The Positive Bullet Diary also makes a fantastic gift for yourself, we all deserve self nourishment and care. If you are giving The Positive Bullet Diary as a gift, we offer a gift wrapping service and are happy to send straight to your friend with a hand written note. Please select this option before adding to your shopping bag.

Weight 650 kg
Dimensions 15 × 22 × 3 cm

3 reviews for The Positive Bullet Diary

  1. Positive Planner Customer

    Bought as a gift for a friend who is in need of some positivity in their life. They adored it! The diary is very smart in appearence and is a wonderful idea.

  2. Sam Swann

    I love this diary. I have tried a few diaries/Filofaxes over the years but this Bullet Diary has been the best. I get to write my notes and keep them all in one place rather than having scraps of paper lying around. I would say I’m not a particularly creative person but using this diary has helped me doodle/create/make notes when I wouldn’t normally do it. I also suffer with anxiety and this has helped me over the past 12 months, I have liked it so much I am reordering another one. Thank you ladies and I’m keen to see what new things you are bringing later this year.

    • Finn Prevett

      Hi Sam, so glad you are enjoying The Positive Bullet Diary and that you are noticing the positive effects it has had on your anxiety. Keep an eye out as we have an exciting launch next month! Finn

  3. Emily

    As a new mum I had lost my identity a bit, didn’t feel very grounded and my head was struggling to cope. I knew I needed something to focus on and to jot thoughts down into, as well as the chance to be creative and organised. This has really helped to ground me, when I can feel the anxiety growing I sit and get creative and organised in my diary. Your diary has calmed my head and allowed me to be more mindful and peaceful. It has also inspired me to learn calligraphy writing properly! Thank you Positive Planner, your diary has helped my mental health more than I realised it would.

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This is a lovely book and the person I gave it to as a gift is extremely pleased with it. It's got a lot of ideas for maintaining a positive life approach. Definitely recommend it, especially if you're struggling with moving forward after dealing with loss or other setbacks.

Positive Planner Customer

Absolutely beautiful - bought it for myself a fortnight ago and have used it daily. The activities are fun as well as thought provoking and it’s a wonderfully relaxing space to write things down. I have now bought a second one to give as a gift.

Positive Planner Customer

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