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From Affirmation Cards to Notecards, we’ve got some beautiful ways to gently nudge your own, or someone else’s positivity. We should never underestimate the power of the written word and who doesn’t just love receiving a positive hello in the post?

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  • Cards & Notecards, Stationery

    The Positive Affirmation Cards

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  • Cards & Notecards, Note Cards, Stationery

    The Positive Notecards for Kids

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    Cards & Notecards, Note Cards, Stationery

    The Colour Your Own Notecards

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Co-founders of The Positive Planner Ali + Finn sitting on a sofa together

Meet the creators

Hi, we’re Ali + Finn. We started our business in 2017 with a simple mission, to help as many people as possible make their mental health a priority!

After both being diagnosed with postnatal depression, we discovered the powerful benefits of journaling to support our mental health. We found journaling accessible, affordable, and most of all, powerfully therapeutic. We noticed that just 5 minutes of writing a day was hugely positive for our emotional wellbeing.

So journaling became a crucial part of our recoveries, and the idea of The Positive Planner was born. We design and manufacture simple yet effective self-improvement and self-care tools that help people to help themselves. Our planners, journals, and stationery are specially designed to support mental health and wellbeing, gently promote positivity, foster resilience, and encourage the practice of self-care and gratitude.

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