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How I began writing for my wellbeing

BY Finn


Hello Planners, Finn here. 

My love for writing is a fairly new obsession,  until recent years journaling felt like a chore, a waste of time, something which triggered insecurities that I had worked hard to quieten down. 

Three years ago following the birth of my son, I had a mental health breakdown. During this time of ill mental health I had a strong yearning to write. I did a little each day, always ending the day with something I was grateful for, such a small act, but the positive effects it had on wellbeing where quickly noticeable. Writing is now an every day ritual, it is my passion and my business!

Writing was a practice I actively avoided. I am severely dyslexic and would avoid writing, particularly by hand, because I felt it was something I was not very good at. I was embarrassed about my inability to spell properly, use grammar and punctuation correctly and that my handwriting was messy and impossible to read. 

Looking back, I so wish I had understood that journaling and writing for wellbeing have nothing to do with good spelling and grammar. Journaling is a therapeutic tool and is hugely powerful in enhancing mental health, thus general wellbeing. What I find helpful to remember is my writing is not being written for others to read, it is for my benefit. 

Writing is now a daily part of my life and I have been totally blown away by the therapeutic benefits I have experienced from it. Not only dose journaling help me with the day to day stresses that life throws us, it has also been an incredibly healing tool to process past trauma. 

Here are some benefits I experience from writing, 

  • I have learned so much about myself
  • I get a different perspective on situations , it allows me to calmly navigate experiences with a neutral mindset.  
  • It helps to reduce anxiety, I find it helps to break that cycle of thoughts and introduce solutions
  • I am more attuned to my needs which in turn helps me take positive action
  • I have been able reframe past memories and explore situations from other angles.

All in all I have found journaling to be very healing. Writing is such a gift, It’s something that is accessible, free and anyone can do it, so long as they can write. You don’t need to be a very good wordsmith either, thats the best thing about it.

Next week I will be sharing some tips to help get you started with your own writing, but for now, have a great day. 

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