Meet the team

The Positive Planners

Our little Positive Planner family is flourishing wonderfully! We are delighted to be bringing amazingly talented individuals in to the business that have a strong passion and belief in what we are doing.


Co-founder and Director

Hi I’m Ali and I am the creative brains behind the The Positive Planner. I like nothing more than being surrounded by arts, crafts, coffee and chaos! I am a Central St Martins Art School graduate and have worked as a costume and set designer for over a decade! I wear lots of hats within the business but my main role is product development and design! Being a passionate crafter I also put together our program of crafting workshops and teach many of them myself. I am passionate about bringing people together through crafting and believe that being creative is a powerful way of looking after mental health and emotional wellbeing.


Co-Founder and Director

Hi I’m Finn and I am the business brains behind The Positive Planner! I deal with the numbers, growth and looking for new business and opportunities! Prior to starting The Positive Planner I co-owned an award winning hairdressing and beauty salon in Cambridge for 8 years. I like to see projects and ideas through from start to finish and help to streamline Ali’s shoot from the hip creative ways! My creativity lies in ideas, problem solving and marketing. I love the process Ali and I go through to develop new products and services. I am a big ideas person, and Ali has this amazing ability to turn the ideas into actual images and products! Ali pushes me out of my comfort zone when my streamline business focused ways are holding us back a bit and similarly I can reign her in when her creativity is spiraling! 


Operations Manager

Hi I’m Hazel, and I am the organised one! I keep Ali and Finn focused amongst the chaos of a start up creative business! 

One of my job roles is making sure all your wonderful orders arrive safely and perfectly packed! I have a seriously good eye for detail, and a pretty impressive packing speed! I am in charge of all of the organisational aspects of our studio ensuring it looks fantastic and is functioning well! I order the stationery (anyone else a stationery addict?) and make sure the plants don’t die… left to Ali we’d have no plants!

My role is growing as the business does and every month I am taking on more responsibilities! I love how diverse the role is and also that each day is different!  


Business Development

Hi, I’m Stewart and I have an addiction to Excel spreadsheets! I am on the lookout for opportunities to expand The Positive Planner and am focused on growing the brand both nationally and internationally. I am an expert researcher and get totally engrossed in whatever subject I am trying to learn more about, I condense my research down into manageable pitches for Ali and Finn and from there they start to work creatively with this research to design products and services which they believe will be of interest to our customers. I really enjoy the relationship building with our stockists and publishers and work closely with everyone to understand expectations and requirements. 

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