The Creators

Our mission is simple

Hi, we are Ali and Finn, and together we are the positive planners.

We want to empower as many people as possible to make their mental health a priority. We are doing this by creating exciting, inspirational, and informative planners, journals, artworks and workshops, that are all designed to support mental health and wellbeing, promote daily positivity, encourage self-care and practice gratitude.

Our intention is that our products and services bring support and joy into the everyday.

We both know from our personal experiences how lonely and scary it can feel during periods of low mental health. It can feel impossible to help yourself and hard to find the words to ask for support.

This is why we created our original product The Positive Planner.

Having discovered the benefits of writing and creativity during our own recoveries we wanted to create a range of stylish stationery that people would feel excited about and compelled to use.

We are so proud of our products and the strong ethos behind them. Looking after our mental health should be a daily priority and not just something that is considered in a crisis situation. Our range is suitable for absolutely anyone to encourage more positivity and maintain a good emotional wellbeing. In times of overwhelm and emotional crisis our products also provide fantastic support.

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