Our Why

Our Mission is Simple

Hi, we’re Ali and Finn, and together we’re The Positive Planners!

What’s our why? What makes us do what we do? Well, it’s our mission in life to empower as many people as we can to make their mental health a priority. How are we doing this? By creating beautiful, inspiring and informative planners, journals, artworks and workshops that are designed to support mental health and wellbeing, promote daily positivity, encourage self-care and practice gratitude.

To put it in a nutshell: We want everything we do to bring support and joy into your every day.

Our own personal experiences have shown us how lonely and incredibly scary it can feel to go through periods of low mental health. Those times when it feels impossible to help yourself and even harder to find the words to ask for support.

Those times are the reason we’re here. The reason we created our original book The Positive Planner.

We both used writing and creative self-care techniques in our own recoveries and were blown away by how they helped us. These may seem very simple practices, but they never cease to amaze us in how helpful and nourishing they can be. This experience along with the fact that we’re both stationery lovers (hmm, slight understatement there!), meant there was only one way to go. A range of stylish self-care stationery that people would fall in love with and feel passionate about using!

Proud doesn’t begin to describe how we feel about our products and the strong ethos behind them. We know that looking after our mental health should be a daily priority, not just something we run to when we hit a crisis. We believe our range is perfect not only for those feeling overwhelmed but for absolutely anyone interested in bringing more self-care and positivity into their lives. 

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