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8 Self-Care Gifts for Mother's Day

BY Ali + Finn
Co-founders of The Positive Planner Ali + Finn sitting on a sofa together

8 self-care gift ideas that definitely won’t break the bank but will be sure to spark joy and love in the mother figure in your life


Mums come in many forms in today’s world, don’t they? But one thing that seems to connect them all is that they’re busy, busy, oh and did we say busy?

Whoever wears the mother hat in your life, you can be sure they probably aren’t taking much time for them and their self-care. So if you’re still stumped for what to get them this Mother’s Day, we’ve got you covered with our Self-Care Mother’s Day Gift Guide! 

We’ve brought together some of The Positive Planner Team’s self-care favourites - all from small, independent businesses, just like us! They definitely won’t break the bank but will be sure to spark a lift of joy and love in that very special person who has the role of Mum for you.


1: For the Mum who needs 5 minutes' downtime with her eyes closed


Heated eye mask by Blästa Henriët  

Perfect for micro moments of self-care. This weighted eye pillow soothes tired eyes and helps deepen relaxation during Savasana.

It can also be used as a warm compress to relieve dry eyes, ear ache or migraines. 


Natural remedies, traditional craftsmanship and a passion for linen are at the heart of Blästa Henriët. They work with sustainable linen flax and Cotswold wheat to create self-care products that provide relaxation, natural pain relief and everyday comfort. 




2: For the Mum who likes to be surrounded by nature's beauty


Gaia Gift Set by Divina Botanica

Surrounding ourselves with nature's beauty enlivens and boosts us and this gift set does just that, with both colour and scent.

The set contains a small bunch of dried flowers, a handwritten card and a Divina Botanica flower essence of your choice designed to support emotional health.

Price £25.00 > SHOP HERE

Divina Botanica is Elsie, a florist, folk herbalist and qualified mental health practitioner, who farms flowers in Bristol, UK.




3: For the Mum who needs help settling their mind


Quiescent Soy Wax Candle by The Botanical Candle Company

Just perfect for meditation, yoga, before sleep or when we need to ground ourselves.

With eucalyptus, lavender and frankincense, the Quiescent® candle is just as its name says: for when we're at rest, quiet and still.

Price £12.95 > SHOP HERE

Made in recycled glass jars with an aluminium lid. Ideal for those avoiding single use plastics. Each candle is blended, poured and finished in Dorset, UK.



4: For the Mum who needs to make self-care a regular thing


 The Positive Planner by The Positive Planner

For the self-care newbie and the one who needs to take care of themselves a bit more,

The Positive Planner is a gentle daily companion that combines gratitude, mindfulness and self-care to help you get more organised while most importantly improving your mental health and wellbeing. It's a great starting point for someone looking to make self-care a regular practice. 

Price £22 >  SHOP HERE

The Positive Planner creates planners, journals and stationery products to help people prioritise their mental wellbeing. Based in Bath, UK.



5: For the Mum who needs to take a break from their mobile


Subscription to Breathe Magazine

Coffee break scrolling can become a habit and one that leaves us feeling at best, flat. So give someone the chance to end their coffee break a little calmer and more relaxed with Breathe Magazine.

Breathe magazine is the original mindfulness mag for a calmer and more relaxed read. Their aim is to help you “make more time for yourself”.

Each issue includes beautiful illustrations, craft projects, and inspiring features such as how to achieve relief from stress, increase resilience and find greater happiness.

Price £53.91 > SHOP HERE



6: For the Mum who needs a sweet treat


Artisan Chocolate by Green Door Chocolate

Giving ourselves a sweet treat every once in a while is a definite yes from us! It provides a positive boost on every level and what better way to do this than with chocolate?

Handcrafted from bean to bar, Green Door chocolate is made using single origin cacao which is ethically sourced through transparent trade and made in small batches. Need we say more?

Prices from £6.50 > SHOP HERE

Green Door Chocolate is a small, independent chocolate maker based in Bath, Somerset.



7: For the Mum who needs some positive self-talk


Mum, you're my hero pin badge by Dani White Designs

You know how much we love affirmations at The Positive Planner - positive statements that challenge unhelpful thoughts in a way that supports our mental health and wellbeing. 

Well, this is a great one for the Mum in your life, whoever that person is.  A true reminder of how special they are to you. This enamel pin badge comes with a lovely greetings card for your message. 

Price: £9 > SHOP HERE

Joy and kindness are at the heart of Dani’s designs. Based in Wiltshire, UK.



8: For the Mum who wants to nourish from the inside out


The Self-Care Cookbook by Gemma Ogston

Our lifestyle and habits really influence our mood and mental wellbeing and what and how we eat is a big part of this. From the biological to the psychological, it can play a pivotal role in how we feel and how we feel about ourselves. 

So how about some nourishing recipes that will boost energy levels, help sleep and lift mood? With over 60 delicious recipes, this Self-Care Cookbook is for anyone who needs some extra TLC.

Price: £14.99 > SHOP HERE

Plant-based chef Gemma is based in Brighton, UK.




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